Scientists Say They Can Recreate Living Dinosaurs Within the Next 5 Years

The team behind the recently republished study – apparently it was originally launched in 2015 when it was 10 years away – have some interesting ideas on where to get the DNA they need to make the project possible.

During a panel published five years as of May 10, 2021, the scientist that Jurassic Park’s Dr. Alan Grant is inspired by revealed an expectation technology to be able to bring dinosaurs back to existence sometime between today and five years from now. His name is Dr Jack Horner and in 2015 he was ready to deliver the “Chickenosaurus” because the DNA he was studying was rooted in chickens, the ancestors of the dinosaur.

In fact, his original belief, which is conveyed in the Jurassic Park movies he consulted for, was that studying the DNA of dinosaur remains would be the key to recreating them.

Horner claims his team has already successfully transformed a bird’s beak into a dinosaur muzzle. No word on how they’re doing with gigantic, sharp chicken teeth so far.

“The tail is the biggest project,” and that “The wings and hands are not as difficult. A ‘Chickenosaurus’ is well on its way to becoming reality.”

You can see Horner talking all about his crazy plans right here.

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