We (here at SciandNature) think that change can be achieved by thinking outside the box. We (here at here at SciandNature) encourage and motivate people to grasp our surroundings and understand stuff beyond Earth through science, specifically through physics. Our facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100082317475408: . Every other page that you see with the same Title is fake and for clickbait... please report that page.

We started here at SciandNature in 2019 with a hope of helping people, regardless of their profession and age, with their curiosity about the Universe and the very world we live in. here at SciandNature provides readers an opportunity to reshape their normal way of thinking. here at SciandNature content ranges from full-length articles, to videos, all of which share one common goal: to raise awareness about how our world works, and the importance of physics in our daily lives. 

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