Extraterrestrial city is found on Ganymede

Researcher claims to have found an Alien City under a dome on Ganymede, one of the moons of the planet Jupiter.

Recently, a finding has captured the imagination of the public and the scientific community alike. A photograph published on the UFO SightingsDaily website suggests the existence of a supposed extraterrestrial city hidden under a dome on Ganymede , one of Jupiter's moons. This discovery raises the question: Are we facing an alien city or is it simply a natural phenomenon of the satellite?

Origin of the controversy

UFO researcher Scott C. Waring , known for his work on the UFO SightingsDaily site, is the one who brought this intriguing photograph to light. According to Waring, the image shows a city located in Ganymede's Khensu crater. However, he maintains that what appears to be a crater is actually a structure covered by a black dome.

Waring's explanation

Waring proposes a bold theory by comparing the dome to the black eyelids of gray aliens. He argues that the material used allows light to pass through while filtering out dangerous radiation from the sun and the universe. Furthermore, he suggests that this structure could have been created by the same extraterrestrial beings, known as greys.

The scientific perspective on Ganymede

Despite Waring's claims, the scientific community offers a vision based on space and astronomical research. Ganymede is notable for several reasons, including its size, larger than Mercury and only slightly smaller than Mars, and the fact that it is the only known satellite to possess magnetic fields of its own. NASA, in 2016, confirmed the presence of a gigantic ocean of salt water beneath its frozen surface, increasing the chances that Ganymede harbors life forms.

Life on Ganymede: A possibility?

Although Ganymede presents conditions that could support life, scientists are inclined to think that, if it exists, it would be in simple forms such as microorganisms . The idea of ​​an advanced civilization capable of building cities in this environment is considered highly speculative and without concrete evidence to support it.

Conclusions and speculations

The published photograph has generated a wide debate about the possibility of extraterrestrial life and its capabilities. Although the existence of an artificial structure on Ganymede is a fascinating theory, the lack of solid scientific evidence makes many skeptical. The possibility that such a structure has gone unnoticed or that the aliens are intentionally hiding from us enters the realm of speculation.

The search for extraterrestrial life continues to be a topic of great interest and debate for both the scientific community and the general public. Meanwhile, discoveries like the one reported in UFO SightingsDaily serve to remind us how little we know about the universe and the infinite possibilities it holds.

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