NASA seeks volunteers to “live on Mars” for a year

The registration deadline starts in February and will remain open until April 2nd. That's right, the requirements are demanding.

Space exploration has reached a new horizon with NASA's latest initiative, which invites brave adventurers to experience life on the Red Planet. This is not science fiction, but a palpable reality through the second phase of the CHAPEA 2 mission. This unique program offers those selected the opportunity to immerse themselves in a simulation that reproduces the conditions of life on Mars. For a year, participants will reside in a specially designed 520 square meter habitat located in Houston, Texas, facing the challenges that a real stay on a distant planet would entail.

Requirements for aspirants

To be considered for this extraordinary adventure, candidates must meet a specific set of criteria. Firstly, it is essential to have a master's degree in a STEM discipline (science, technology, engineering or mathematics). Furthermore, aspirants are required to have more than two years of professional experience in their field, which ensures that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute significantly to the mission. Surprisingly, the ability to pilot an aircraft is also valued, a skill that can be crucial in emergency situations or for the operation of vehicles in the simulated Martian environment.

However, the opportunity is geographically limited, as only residents or citizens of the United States have the possibility of applying. This restriction undermines NASA's focus on leveraging local talent to advance its space exploration goals.

How to apply the CHAPEA 2 mission

For those interested in being part of this unprecedented mission, the application process is underway. Registration will remain open until April 2, providing a window of opportunity for aspirants to submit their candidacy. Specific details about the application process can be found on the mission's official website, accessible through the following link:

This call for action on the ground is a challenge for individuals who seek to be part of a unique experience in life, as well as an invitation to contribute to the advancement of space science and technology. Participants on the ground will live as a harian on Mars, but will also play a crucial role in the preparation of future manned missions to the Red Planet.

If you want to know how the installations where this simulation was carried out are, you can watch the following video.

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