BREAKING NEWS: Earth just received a powerful radio signal that traveled billions of years to get here

Earth was hit by an exceptionally strong fast radio burst (FRB) that came from deep in the universe, according to a groundbreaking discovery.

This FRB, which took eight billion years to reach Earth, is the furthest ever seen. Not only that, but the radio burst was so strong that it emitted as much energy in less than a second as the Sun does in over thirty years.

The causes of these powerful, brief bursts of energy, known as fast radio bursts, are still under scientific discussion. Theories are available on everything from neutron stars to extraterrestrial technologies. This specific FRB supports existing beliefs about its origin by appearing to come from a small group of merging galaxies. But the force of the explosion calls into question our current knowledge of how these explosions are released.

According to Ryan Shannon of Swinburne University of Technology, these gigantic explosions may hold the key to unraveling some of the deepest mysteries of the universe, such as its true weight, although their exact cause is still unknown. Fast radio bursts detect ionized substances. They can "see" each electron even in almost completely empty space, allowing us to calculate how much matter exists between galaxies, according to Professor Shannon.

This finding could provide new insights into the structure of the cosmos and offer a solution to the mystery of things missing in space. A telescope in Japan first detected the explosion, which was later confirmed by other telescopes, including the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope in Chile.


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