Earth Looks Like A Living Creature In This Amazing NASA Video

In a stunning movie released by NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio (SVS), Earth is seen in a way you've probably never seen before.

The film shows a fast-motion model of a Category 4 typhoon that formed in 2005 off the coast of China. The seven days are repeated several times on the chart.

The volume clouds in the simulation were produced with the help of NASA's Goddard Earth Observing System Model, Version 5 (GEOS-5). Using a supercomputer, this simulation, called the 7km GEOS-5 Nature Run (7km-G5NR), was carried out. This rapid visualization used approximately one terabyte of brick map data and produced petabytes of output.

The SVS website states that the purpose of videos like the one above is to give the general public a better understanding of our planet and our place within it, as well as an overview of NASA's mission: "To foster a better understanding In space science research activities at the Goddard Space Flight Center and among the NASA research community, SVS collaborates closely with scientists to create visualizations, animations, and images.

Reference: NASA

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