China has just stepped on the Moon and these are the best images of the trip

China has successfully achieved a moon landing, and these are the most outstanding images of the mission.

Historically, China has expressed a deep interest in space exploration. In recent times, it has experienced notable progress in this area, driven by the implementation of advanced space programs specifically designed to expand its exploration capabilities.

China's Lunar Exploration Program stands out as the most emblematic example. This ambitious program comprises a variety of components, including lunar orbiters, spacecraft, rovers and landers. All of these elements have been sent into space aboard the powerful Long March rockets, demonstrating China's commitment and technological capacity in space exploration.

In December 2013, Change'3 was launched

The Change'3 mission, a milestone in Chinese space exploration, marked a before and after on December 6 of that year when it entered lunar orbit. After an 8-day journey, it managed to land on December 14, setting a historical record as the first spacecraft to make a soft landing on the lunar surface.

The photographs captured by this spacecraft are extraordinary, among the most spectacular ever seen. What really stands out about these images is their ability to reveal the lunar surface in an unprecedented level of detail, far surpassing what any previous mission had managed to document.

China plans big things on the Moon

It seems that China has reached a climax in terms of space exploration. In fact, they have recently outlined a strategy with a 10-year horizon that aims to expand beyond lunar exploration, also encompassing research on other planets. This ambitious plan underlines its commitment and long-term vision in the field of space exploration.

China plans to deploy a series of landers in various regions of the Moon, with the ultimate goal of enabling astronauts to land on its surface. The next major milestone on its agenda is the Chang'e-5 mission, scheduled to be launched in 2017, with a landing projected towards the end of 2018. This ambitious project underscores China's continued effort and dedication towards exploration and development. understanding of outer space.

The great mission of change'5

The Moon and its dark side, this is what the most distant point of the Moon has been commonly and mistakenly called, because it is not visible from Earth. This side was never observed until 1959, when the Soviet Luna 3 probe managed to capture the first images.

With the creation and subsequent sending to the Moon of Change'5, the first return of a lunar sample is planned, not seen in more than 40 years (since Luna 24 in 1976), which would make China the number three country in manage to return a sample to the surface of the Moon.

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