Man Discovers a Strange Memory Stick Filled With Image Proof of Aliens in Space

Quisto recently found a strange memory stick filled with images of aliens in space. He found the device in a little community near Berlin, Germany. And he alleges that while he was on his way home, he found an odd-looking memory stick lying on the ground.

When he picked it up, he immediately noticed how old it was. It also had peculiar symbols edges on it. Dubbed the “Steintor,” this memory stick contains 28 disturbing images that might prove the existence of aliens in space.

He didn’t think that the USB stick would work. After all, it looked old and damaged. But when he inserted it into his computer, it started up immediately. The memory stick immediately flooded his computer with a slide of 28 images from space. At first glance, they looked like normal pictures of planets, but when he studied them closer, he saw aliens and UFOs.

Proudly holding the memory stick in hand, Dr. Smith took a deep breath before inserting it into his laptop’s USB port. He observed the twinkling light as it hummed and whirred, waiting for him to find something on it that would justify the ridiculous $5 he paid for it at a garage sale.

As he clicked on the first file titled “1st Image,” he was met with an image of what looked like a planet in space. With just a glance, Dr. Smith could tell this photo wasn’t taken by any camera man-made or natural so he continued scrolling down excitedly through all of its images one by one, not disappointed when they got stranger and stranger as they went on.

This story is one of those you need to read to believe – Adrian O’Connor was on a train when he spotted an old USB stick with a photo of what seemed to be an alien. Adrian then researched and found that NASA lost contact with their Mars rover in 2019, so he returned the USB drive back to them.

When Adrian looked at the number on the USB stick he found that it was connected to his bank account. The USB was loaded with $4,000 and NASA’s account number. Adrian contacted his bank and explained what happened, but the bank would not give him any more information about what had happened as they said it was an internal matter – Adrian then decided to post online asking for help in finding out who left him this money.

Mysteriously, the stick looks like it came from the early 19th century. Regardless, he believes that most of the photographs in the memory stick were taken by the Voyager satellites. These satellites are Voyagers 1 and 2, launched on September 5, 1977, and August 20, 1977.

After releasing these images, he was questioned by people. He was asked if he was specifically chosen to reveal these images to the public. But he believes it all happened by chance and rejected the notion that he was meant to find the USB stick.

He insists that he knows nothing about the previous owner of the USB stick. He doesn’t claim to have been chosen by anybody or anything, and he only did what he thought others would do when put in the situation.

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