Alien bases on the Moon are real! Ingo Swann finally breaks his silence!

Ingo Swann reveals alien bases on the Moon! Swann witnessed alien bases on the Moon during a secret project.

In an unexpected turn of events, Ingo Swann , a renowned remote visionary and psychic, has decided to break years of silence and share his extraordinary experience about alleged alien bases on the Moon . For decades, Swann has jealously guarded the details of a top-secret project involving government agencies, which led him to make shocking discoveries about extraterrestrial activities on our natural satellite.

The gift of remote viewing

Ingo Swann was a man of exceptional abilities. Since his childhood, he demonstrated the unique gift of seeing and perceiving distant places only with the strength of his mind. This ability, known as "remote viewing" or "consciousness projection," made him a valuable asset to scientific researchers and government agencies.

In the 1970s, Swann participated in several remote viewing experiments at the Stanford Research Institute. His achievements were so impressive that even Reader's Digest magazine published a detailed report on his successes. Swann could mentally transport himself to virtually any location in the world and accurately describe streets, buildings and surroundings.

The secret lunar project

In 1975, Swann received a mysterious call that would change the course of his life. An unknown group recruited him for a top-secret remote viewing project, offering him a substantial sum of money in exchange for his participation and absolute silence.

After accepting the offer, Swann was transferred to a CIA building, where he was asked to focus his mind on the Moon. What he saw there left him speechless and marked a drastic shift in his understanding of the cosmos.

Shocking discoveries

As Swann mentally explored the lunar surface, he began to notice patterns and structures that challenged established beliefs. He observed footprints in the ground made by heavy machinery, craters filled with a strange green haze, and vast structures that emitted different colored lights.

But the most surprising thing was when Swann approached one of these structures and was able to look through the windows. There, he witnessed the activity of humanoid beings clearly engaged in some kind of work. At one point, these beings became aware of Swann's presence and stared at him, leaving him terrified.

The imposed silence

After this disturbing experience, Swann was abruptly removed from the CIA building and forced into silence for a full decade . During this time, he suffered from what he had witnessed, knowing that his observations completely contradicted official reports about the Moon.

The whistleblower community

Over the years, Swann was not alone in his claims. A community of remote visionaries, ufologists and whistleblowers formed who reported similar sightings or secret information about the activities of NASA and other space agencies.

Swann warned against attempts to contact these alleged extraterrestrial species, as he experienced them as hostile during his lunar project. These observations could explain why Russia and the United States suddenly abandoned plans to colonize the Moon in the 1970s.

The truth comes to light

After decades of silence, Ingo Swann has finally decided to share his extraordinary story with the world. In his books and interviews, he details his experiences with the alien bases on the Moon and the reactions of government agencies to these revelations.

Although his claims remain controversial and challenge conventional science, Swann has opened a window into a world of possibilities that challenge our perceptions of the cosmos and our understanding of extraterrestrial life.

A call for continued exploration

Ingo Swann's revelations are not only fascinating, they also raise fundamental questions about our place in the universe and the nature of intelligent life. Are we really alone in the cosmos? What other forms of life could exist beyond our limited knowledge?

These questions demand continued exploration and an open mind to the most extraordinary possibilities. Swann reminds us that the universe is vast and mysterious, and that much remains to be discovered.

Ultimately, Ingo Swann's revelations challenge our preconceived beliefs and encourage us to question what we think we know. His legacy urges us to maintain a curious mind and continue exploring the reaches of the cosmos in search of answers to the deepest mysteries of the universe.

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