Elon Musk said the ancient pyramids were built by aliens

Elon Musk claims that the pyramids were built by aliens .

Elon Musk , the tycoon known for his innovative companies and controversial opinions, has relit the fuse on social media. On this occasion, his comment about the pyramids of Egypt has sparked a heated debate between those who believe in extraterrestrial intervention and those who defend the capacity of human ingenuity.

The spark of controversy

It all started with a simple tweet from Musk that said: "The pyramids of Egypt were obviously built by aliens." . The publication, which many interpreted as a joke, soon generated an avalanche of reactions.

Egyptian official reaction

The Egyptian authorities did not sit idly by. The Minister of International Cooperation, Rania al-Mashat , invited Musk to visit the Giza complex so that he himself could check the evidence of human construction of the pyramids.

"I invite you to visit Egypt so that you can see the pyramids and realize that they were built by the Egyptians," al-Mashat wrote on Twitter.

Zahi Hawass , former secretary of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Monuments, also joined the controversy, calling Musk's statement "a joke" and "totally absurd . "

Joke or truth?

Although Musk later clarified that his comment was "a joke," doubt persisted. Some social media users wondered if there was really something more behind his words.

Evidence of extraterrestrial intervention?

Proponents of the ancient astronaut theory argue that the precision with which the pyramids were built, considering the tools and technology of the time, can only be explained by the intervention of beings from another planet.

An endless debate

The controversy over the Egyptian pyramids is a topic that has captivated humanity for centuries. The question of whether they were built by humans or aliens will likely continue to fuel debates for many years to come.

Beyond the controversy

Regardless of the position taken on the origin of the pyramids, there is no doubt that they are one of the Seven Wonders of the World and an invaluable legacy of Egyptian civilization. Its majesty and history continue to fascinate millions of people each year.

Key points of the debate:

  • Elon Musk's claim about the extraterrestrial construction of the pyramids.
  • Egyptian official reaction: invitation to Musk to see the evidence.
  • Criticism from experts: they describe the theory as “absurd.”
  • Joke or truth?: the doubt persists.
  • Arguments in favor of extraterrestrial intervention.
  • Scientific evidence supporting human construction.
  • An endless debate: the question remains open.
  • Historical and cultural importance of the pyramids.

Final reflection

The controversy generated by Elon Musk's comment has served to highlight the fascination that the Egyptian pyramids continue to arouse. It is a topic that invites reflection on the capacity of human ingenuity and the mysteries that our past still holds.

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