Scientists believe they have discovered when the Sun will die and kill us all.

A huge number of people are fascinated by the question of the future of our Sun. Scientists have been studying the age, life cycle and probable date of death for years, but there is still much to discover.

However, scientists have determined some important details of the Sun's fate, including the conclusion of its current life phase.

Although the Sun will eventually die in billions of years, some astronomers predict that its current life cycle will end in just 5 billion years. By then, the massive star at the center of our solar system will have burned through most of its hydrogen core. Essentially, the Sun as we know it will be over.

This will cause the Sun to become a red giant. There will be no more nuclear fusion to produce heat. NASA estimates that the core will contract and become unstable at this time.

As the Sun's core becomes unstable, its outer layers will enlarge. This growth will eventually engulf Mercury and Venus. Additionally, Earth will be hit by the Sun's powerful solar winds, depriving it of the magnetic field that forms its atmosphere.

It's a horrible idea, particularly for any life that can last that many years, whether human or non-human. Of course, there are many more Sun-related threats that need to be addressed first.

Although it seems horrible to think that the Sun is dying, humans may not be around to see it happen.

Scientists predict that the Sun's energy will wipe out Earth's seas within a billion years. At that time, the Sun's brightness will have increased by approximately 10%. It is important to consider additional risks related to climate change.

Ultimately, scientists believe Earth's future is bleak. That might help explain why so many people are excited about visiting other planets and taking space travel. Not only would it allow humanity to survive, but it would also give us a new place to call home after the Sun dies.

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