Astronomers Discovered Cosmic ‘Superhighways’ for Fast Travel Through the Solar System (Video)


Astronomers have discovered a system of "space superhighways" that are made up of undetectable structures that gravitational forces in the Solar System have created. These channels allow objects in space to move swiftly and can be used for manned space exploration as well as research into comets and asteroids.

These superhighways were made up of a series of connected arches in these invisible structures known as cosmic collectors, and each planet generates its own collectors, creating what researchers refer to as "a true celestial autobahn," according to a team of researchers led by Nataa Todorovi of Serbia's Belgrade Astronomical Observatory.

This is a map of the roads that encircle Jupiter, with an emphasis on the incredibly disorganised structures inside the arches.

Instead of the hundreds of thousands to millions of years that are typically predicted for the solar system, this network can transport objects from Jupiter to Neptune in a matter of decades.

It's not always easy to locate hidden structures in space, but observing how objects move, particularly comets and asteroids, may yield helpful suggestions.

To ascertain their interaction, scientists assert to have looked at data from "millions of orbits in the solar system." Such a study will have benefits that go beyond the potential acceleration of space travel. Asteroids and comets that could be dangerous may be moved or even controlled with the help of the technologies being studied.

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