Researchers Run Complex Quantum Computing Algorithms On Traditional Computers


Professor Giuseppe Carleo of EPFL and Matija Medvidovi, a PhD student at Columbia University, have developed a method for running a challenging quantum computing algorithm on a conventional computer. A quantum computer is typically needed to run quantum software. The Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm (QAOA), a piece of quantum software that the researchers are exploring, is used to resolve conventional optimization issues in mathematics.

The researchers claim that the programme essentially allows users to choose the best answer to an issue from a list of potential solutions. According to Carleo, there is a lot of curiosity in the kinds of issues that quantum computers may effectively address, and QAOA is one of the most promising options. The goal of QAOA is to facilitate the development of quantum computers and the so-called "quantum speedup," an anticipated increase in processing speed.

QAOA is a topic of research and has a large following in the tech world. For instance, Google developed the 53-qubit Sycamore quantum processor in 2019 and used it to carry out a task. Sycamore finished the operation in 200 seconds, although it would have taken a modern classic supercomputer about 10,000 years to do it.

Can algorithms running on present and impending quantum computers give a noticeably better performance than classical algorithms for tasks of practical interest? This is an open question in the field that the researchers on the new study set out to answer. The researchers created a technique that may roughly imitate the behaviour of a certain class of algorithms known as variational quantum algorithms using a normal computer.

These techniques can be used to determine the quantum system's "ground state," which is its lowest energy state. According to the team, QAOA is a significant illustration of this kind of quantum algorithm. Such algorithms, according to researchers, are among the most promising candidates to benefit from the quantum principle in upcoming quantum computers. The research demonstrated that QAOA could function on modern computers and that a classical computer could accurately emulate a near-future quantum computer.

Reference: quantum information

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