Australian Scientists Claim They've Proven That Time Travel Is Mathematically Possible


Australian researchers think they have debunked a logical dilemma and demonstrated the mathematical viability of time travel.

Please be patient with us at this point because the explanation would take a long time to complete.

Basically, there is a significant dilemma known as the grandfather paradox between Einstein's well-known theory of general relativity and the realm of classical dynamics.

Without delving too deeply into the details of those particular theories, it's important to note that according to Einstein's theory, you could theoretically travel back in time and kill your grandfather while continuing to exist, whereas according to classical dynamics, you would vanish if you did so.

Having you so far? Bravo to you.

The University of Queensland's physics experts now believe they have reconciled these two hypotheses, demonstrating that time travel is at least theoretically feasible.

Let's hear from them directly and see what they have to say.

Research leader Germain Tobar stated: "We physicists strive to comprehend the fundamental, underlying principles of the universe, and for years I have been perplexed as to how the science of dynamics can be consistent with Einstein's predictions.

Is time travel conceivable mathematically?

Their study was rendered useless by the continuing coronavirus pandemic, much like everything else right now.

They postulated that a time traveller may go back in time and murder "patient zero"—the first person to contract the pandemic—and therefore stop it.

The time traveller can travel back in time according to Einstein's theory, but according to classical dynamics, the order of events cannot be changed. For example, if the time traveller stopped the virus, there would be no need for them to travel back in time in the first place, and so on.

Tobar made an effort to elaborate: "In the coronavirus patient zero scenario, you might attempt to prevent patient zero from contracting the virus, but in doing so, you might contract it yourself and end up as patient zero, or someone else might,

Whatever you did, the important events would just adjust themselves to take you into account. This would imply that the pandemic will spread regardless of your choices, motivating you to return in time and put an end to it. The events will always modify themselves to prevent any inconsistency, no matter how hard you try to make a paradox.

Our discovery of a variety of mathematical techniques demonstrates that time travel with free will is logically consistent with our reality and does not present any paradoxes.

Dr. Fabio Costa is the researcher's supervisor and a qualified individual to comprehend this.

"The math checks out, and the outcomes are science fiction," he declared.

The complete article may be found in the journal Classical and Quantum Gravity if you're interested.

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