An Unknown Force Is Pulling The Milky Way And Everything Else Towards It At 14 Million Mph


The Sombrero Hat galaxy (M104) and M87, which has a jagged shaft of light protruding out of it, are two particular galaxies worth looking at in the Virgo constellation. Both are enigmatic in their own ways.


But further out is where Virgo's real mystery lies. The Milky Way, the Andromeda galaxy, and about 50 other galaxies make up our local group, which is the smallest group of galaxies in the universe. The Virgo Supercluster, which contains about 40,000 members, is made up of the Local Group and the Local Group in turn.


The Milky Way and everything else are being drawn towards the Great Attractor, an invisible object beyond all of this, at an astonishing pace of 14 million miles per hour. How far away is this, what exactly is it, and what happens when we go there? Nobody is aware.


There is no super-super cluster of galaxies to account for it, and the largest black hole that is physically possible would not even come close to being large enough to produce this impact. The only thing left is the possibility of an unnamed power.

The video below explains this in greater detail:

Reference:  The Telegraph

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